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Sample Sets Henry Rose

Our sample sizes save you time and give you a new scent for every day of the week.

Our sample sizes save you time and give you a new scent for every day of the week.

Sample Sets

Our sample size offerings allow you to try out all of our EWG Verified scents at once: our full collection, fresh scents, or warm scents. Each set includes a $20 gift card to apply toward your favorite full-sized scent.

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A musk for her, a floral for him. Scents for you, not your gender. Find your favorite (or two) with our fragrance finder.

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Cruelty Free
No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Formaldehyde
100% Ingredient Transparency
Made for you, not your gender

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"Each fragrance was intriguingly named and meticulously formulated"

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"This fragrance is the perfume the clean beauty world has been missing"

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"These are some of the
safest fine
fragrances in existence"

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"I had given up fragrance altogether, and honestly didn't know if this level of quality and safety would be possible. Years later, we've done it."

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Top Notes The first notes you smell when spritzing or dabbing your fragrance. These are usually fresh, bright or aromatic.
Middle Notes Also known as the "heart" of the fragrance. These are the notes that become more assertive as the top notes fade. These are usually floral, fruity or spicy.
Bottom Notes Also referred to as the "base" or "dry down" of the fragrance. These are the most persistent notes and are usually the most sensual.