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Hear what customers have to say about our genderless, 100% transparent fine fragrances.

"My husband and I both wear Jake's House. It smells great, but different, on both of us. We LOVE Henry Rose"


"My favorite, my absolute most favorite perfumes ever! I normally cannot wear perfume because of how bad it makes me feel. No issues at all, and the scents truly are timeless!"


"Just received my rollerballs. They are fabulous and the bottle is gorgeous. So simple and elegant. I bought the whole set. Great for gift giving."


"I am SO MADLY IN LOVE with each and every scent. I can't even decide which roller ball to buy bc I love them all so much!! They are soft, clean and super sexy. I am over the moon!"


"Omg this perfume is incredible! I just purchased Torn after trying the sample kit. They are all amazing but Torn chose me!! Finally a perfume that sticks to my skin leaving a soft, sensual, and subtle trail behind me!"

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