Floral Untamed

Ashely Johnson is a writer and a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur living in Windston-Salem, North Carolina. Inspired by the contemporary "flash-form" narrative-an art form that neither requires nor offers resolution - Johnson asks complex questions on black through staged portraits.

Johnson uses mix-media, performance, textile, live floral, woven and braided masks, to navigate themes within intra and interracial conflict, identity evolution, intergenerational impact, Southern femininity, studies of relative time as it relates to African American/feminine beauty practice and other psychosocial studies.

"The name Flora Carnivora carries two words that are seemingly opposing with flora carrying feminine connotations (light, newness, spring) and Carnivora carrying deeper connotations (predatory, flesh, hunger). Marrying the two ideas felt quite natural. I believe what emerged was a really strong vision for a floral that is a bit uncharacteristic - animal in some ways, but with a tenderness I believe we can all relate to."

We were instantly drawn into Ashley's emotional imagery, feeling a deep connection to its message. This led us to a natural collaboration with the multidisciplinary artist for our newest scent, Flora Carnivora.

This is not a traditionally floral and we wanted to show its many sides. Playing off the juxtaposition between the raw, savage notes and the fragrance's delicate elements, Ashley brought the scent to life.

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